Hi folks!

I'm Justin; lead sysadmin with Pepper.com. We're a Deal community that runs in an ever growing list of countries all over the world.

I'm putting this personal blog together in the hope that I can use it to better track my thoughts, challanges, ideas, etc.

For those that don't know me, I'm an early-thirtes-somthing IT dude; I've been around the block for a while (13 years professionally; and another 6 in hobby/voulenteer/learning.)

I love a pile of stuff:

  • Photography
    • I've been taking photos in some form or another since I was given my first camera in 1992. (a Nikon FM2 for those interested)
    • I do professional indoor/outoor architecture, product, and irregular street photography.
    • the vast majority of my photography is "stuff I like the look of"
  • More photography
    • Instagram is silly.
  • Multirotors and Radio Control (RC)
    • I fly all sorts of multi-rotors (helicopters, quadcopters, hexacopters, etc)
    • I enjoy First Person View trucks + flight
  • Woodworking + Metalwork
    • I got into woodwork and metal work around 15 years ago
    • I build all sorts of custom-integration stuff for friends
    • Making things is a passion for me

I'll try to keep the content here interesting.

Looking forward to the.. N'th iteration 'personal blogging'. Hopefully this time it keeps going! :D