If you have not read part 1, go check it out!

Brynn and I went out and picked up some casters today; (She insisted we had to go get them, otherwise I'd have lied in part 1! ;) )


Did not bother sanding it (it's a shop project after all!) Threw a coat of "whatever-I-had-in-the-spray-paint-cabinet" gray before dinner and got the thing ready for drawers. Given the finished interior height / etc; I think I might actually go from 2 -> 3 drawers, "feels" a little more natural to pull at three heights.

Stuck the top in place; threw the measurement stuff I could find on the surface (for now) and it's good till I get to making the drawers next week!


I'm going to have to thicken the bottom face a little; I tried running 1.25cm screws to fix the casters; but can see one giving due to the narrow 12.5mm inexpensive plywood. I ran MUCH longer 3cm screws in; but they protrude into the cabinet. (under ~10-20KG on the surface; I can see the bottom deform somewhat. meh!)

I've got a lot more measurement equipment to pick up at some point; but until I've got a lathe + vertical mill to make precision parts, it feels strange to be able to measure beyond 0.01mm. I'd love to get the workshop out of the basement, but work with what you have: right!? :D

Next project[1] is going to be a simple desk with the 61x122cm melamine surface; going to use that as a fit-up table; and hoping to make it high enough to roll this measurement table underneath. (again; TRYING to keep dust / etc off the surface!)

Happy December folks!

  1. One of the next project(s), that is! ↩︎